We have your child at the heart of all we do.

The partnership that you enter into when you enrol your child at St Mary's, we take very seriously.

Our Administration Team

  • Anthony Butts

    Anthony Butts


  • Ann-Margaret Carroll

    Ann-Margaret Carroll

    Deputy Principal

  • Monsignor Peter Jeffrey

    Monsignor Peter Jeffrey

    Parish Priest

  • Amber Feehan

    Amber Feehan

    Office Administration

  • Naomi Eggleston

    Naomi Eggleston

    Office Administration

  • Philip Crowe

    Philip Crowe


Our Prep Learning Team

  • Kim Cox

    Kim Cox

    Prep KC Teacher

  • Katheryn Davkovski

    Katheryn Davkovski

    Prep KD Teacher

  • Briony Hogan

    Briony Hogan

    Learning Support Officer

  • Georgia Guttuso

    Georgia Guttuso

    Learning Support Officer

  • Charlotte Chadwick

    Charlotte Chadwick


  • Rileigh Eyles

    Rileigh Eyles

    Teacher/ Italian Specialist

Our 1-2 Learning Area Team

  • Catherine Dyke

    Catherine Dyke

    1-2 CD Teacher

  • Fi Dowling

    Fi Dowling

    1-2 FD Teacher

  • Jacci Mulraney

    Jacci Mulraney

    1-2 JM Teacher

  • Maddie Wong

    Maddie Wong

    1-2 MW Teacher

  • Karen Butts

    Karen Butts

    1-2 Teacher

  • Fran Webster

    Fran Webster

    Learning Support Officer

  • Meagan Brown

    Meagan Brown

    Learning Support Officer

  • Milissa McDonald

    Milissa McDonald

    Learning Support Officer

  • Zoe Suratman

    Zoe Suratman

    Learning Support Officer/ Literacy Support

Our Three/Four Learning Team

  • John Gibson

    John Gibson

    3/4 JG Teacher

  • Lauren Calder

    Lauren Calder

    3/4 LC Teacher

  • Breanna Corbo

    Breanna Corbo

    3/4 BC Teacher

  • Nathan Parker

    Nathan Parker

    3/4 NP Teacher

  • Ange Brown

    Ange Brown

    Teacher/Lit Support

  • Lauren Murray

    Lauren Murray

    Support Learning Officer

  • Ros Kempinski

    Ros Kempinski

    Support Learning Officer

Our Five/Six Learning Team

  • Coby Turk

    Coby Turk

    5/6 CT Teacher

  • Tayla Junor

    Tayla Junor

    5/6 TJ Teacher

  • Geenah Loughran

    Geenah Loughran

    5/6 GL Teacher

  • Felicity Bryant

    Felicity Bryant

    5/6 FB Teacher

  • Gary Woodward

    Gary Woodward

    5/6 GW Teacher

  • Nicole McElhinney

    Nicole McElhinney

    Support Learning Officer

  • Susan Stanley

    Susan Stanley

    Support Learning Officer

  • Alana Brown

    Alana Brown

    Support Learning Officer

Our Wellbeing Learning Team

  • Liz Turk

    Liz Turk

    Support Learning Officer/ Wellbeing

  • Nerissa Russell

    Nerissa Russell

    Support Learning Officer/Wellbeing

  • Mo



Our Specialist Learning Team

  • Sharon Wilson

    Sharon Wilson


  • Michelle Hicks

    Michelle Hicks

    Performing Arts

  • Josh Preston

    Josh Preston

    Physical Education

  • Rileigh Eyles

    Rileigh Eyles


  • Ange Brown

    Ange Brown


  • Sherrie Thompson

    Sherrie Thompson