P1050068The process for admission to St Mary's begins here. Once you have booked a tour, you will complete an enrolment pack, and then you can apply for a position at our beautiful school.

Book A Tour

When you tour our school, you have a number of options:

  1. Discover the school from the eyes of our Grade 6 leaders. Parents tell us it is easily the best tour of a school they have ever had.
  2. Walk with School Leadership as we outline the strengths of St Mary's.
  3. Discover the school as part of our Open Day.

Enrolment Pack

The Enrolment pack is a series of documents that need to be completed before a child can be enrolled at St Mary's. It also involves you supplying a number of documents which we will make a copy of. 

Apply Today

After you complete your Enrolment Pack, return it to school to begin the enrolment process for your child.