Each of our four houses have their own story and identity - read what it means for our students to be in their house team.

Marian House

Named after the Virgin Mary, Jesus' mother, Marian House is represented by the colour blue, which is the traditional colour for Mary. Mary is a patron for our House Groups because our school, St Mary's, is named for her. 

Mary was gentle and just. She did what was right - not so she didn't get into trouble but because she cared about being fair. Mary was loyal. She trusted God and stayed his friend even when he was asking her to do or believe things she didn't like. Mary was also tough. She had courage. She became Jesus' Mum when she was very young. She would have been scared but she trusted God and became a good mother. Mary also had to trust God when he took her son away from her. 

In Marian House, we are fair, brave and loyal. We have a go and stick by our team.

Ryan House

Named after the first Parish Priest at St Mary's, Ryan House is represented by the colour red to symbolise Father Ryan's rise to being a Bishop in the Catholic Church. Father Hugh Ryan was responsible for building the current Church and the first buildings of our school. He also planted the native trees marking the perimeter of our playground. In 1938 Father Ryan left Mooroopna and was appointed bishop of Townsville, Queensland. 

Father Ryan was a natural leader. He worked for the people in his parish and took care of those who needed him. Father Ryan was also willing to make changes and big decisions. Not everyone agreed with him, but he stuck by his word and because of him, we have a school and Parish today to be proud of. 

Being in Ryan House means we are willing to try new things and to take care of our teammates. 

Archer House

Named after William Archer, the first Settler to live in Mooroopna, Archer House is represented by the coloured gold, which symbolises the golden wheat farms Mr Archer first established here. In the 1860s, Mr Archer purchased four separate lots of land from the Crown, first owning land from the old hospital to Echuca Road, then land on the river bank near Finborough Street and eventually the 61 acres where the Mooroopna Golf Links now sits. 

Mr Archer first came to Shepparton from Melbourne with his wife and built the first hotel there before moving to Mooroopna a few years later. Here, the Archers built a brick house on the banks of the Goulburn River. They ran convenience stores for travellers before opening a hotel, general store, bakery and the first Mooroopna Post Office. Members of Archer House are strong, adventurous and responsible. We like to have a go at everything and to do our best. 

McAuley House

Named after Catherine McAuley, the foundress of the Sisters of McAuley house is represented by the colour green, which is a traditional colour for Ireland, the country Catherine came from. 

The Sisters of Mercy came to Australia in 1842. They were the first teachers and Principals at St Mary's School when it started in 1936. In fact, St Mary's School was wholly staffed by Mercy nuns until 1964. 

The Sisters of Mercy, led by Catherine McAuley have a strong tradition of supporting and caring for the poorest people in the world. They established schools and hospitals, cared for sick and dying people provided help to the homeless and befriended prisoners and their families

In McAuley House, we take care of each other and play by the rules. We have courage, respect and resilience